Friday, September 29, 2006

SQL Server Blog Of The Week: The SQL Doctor Is In (Real In) Louis Davidson

As I explained last week I will every Friday (not a promise) feature a SQL server related blog First up is The SQL doctor himself: Louis Davidson. I don't remember exactly how I found out about the existance of Louis Davidson, I am not sure anymore if it was from the WROX book or from the newsgroups. Not that it really matters since that red book has been replaced by a black and yellow one. Louis Davidson is the main author of Pro SQL Server 2005 Database Design and Optimization , a book I highly recommend

What do I like about this blog
I like the down to earth style which Louis uses. I also like the fact that Louis has some nice code on his blog that I can 'borrow' for my own needs. Another good thing is the fact that Louis tells you about any problems in the book and gives you either a workaround or expanded text that includes the things that are currently missing from the book. another thing that I like is the fact that Louis doesn't post about SQL Server only; you will also see posts about gadgets (Nintendo anyone?) and personal stuff

What are some at the posts I like the most
Query for Current Server Activity (2005)
Query locks being held (2005)
Monitor rollback progress (2005)
Query filegroups and indexes (2000,2005)

Where can I see/read/hear more about the author?
SQLDownUnder has a podcast with Louis Davidson and you can get it here, scroll down to episode 12
Louis also has some stuff on; there you can find books that Louis finds useful, an index of his blog and more stuff

So there you have it; the SQL Server blog of the week

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