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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

SSIS Script Task In SQL Server 2008 Can Use VB Or C#

Where do I send a thank you letter? Finally we are allowed to use C# in the SQL Server Integration Services Script Task. I always wondered why SQL Server 2005 only uses VB and not C#, you can use C# in the SQLCLR but not in a Script Task. It turns out that SSIS in SQL Server 2005 uses VSA (Visual Studio for Applications) but SQL Server 2008 will use VSTA (Visual Studio Tools for Applications). Lets put these 2 right under each other.

Visual Studio for Applications
Visual Studio Tools for Applications

See the only (confusing) difference is the word Tools. So VSTA does support C#. I guess that if you come from a heavy DTS ActiveX usage background VB would be natural to you. I never felt at home with VB.NET, I switched to C# because I was also using Java and it was easier to make the switch to C#.

Enough whining from me, here are 2 screenshots that I took from the latest SQL Server 2008 June CTP. Have a nice holiday, don't overeat