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Monday, June 04, 2007

SQL Server 2008 (Katmai) Cannot Be Installed On A PC With SQL Server 2000 On It

I tried installing the SQL Server 2008 – June CTP on one of my machines which had SQL Server 2000 installed; it does not let you do that. I guess this is the time to uninstall SQL Server 2000. That is just what I did. First thing I noticed is that MERGE statement is back. IIRC the MERGE statement was also in SQL Server 2005 Beta2 but got pull out of the RTM

Here is a small example of using MERGE from the Katmai Books On Line

MERGE FactBuyingHabits AS fbh
USING (SELECT CustomerID, ProductID, PurchaseDate FROM PurchaseRecords) AS src
ON (fbh.ProductID = src.ProductID AND fbh.CustomerID = src.CustomerID)
UPDATE SET fbh.LastPurchaseDate = src.PurchaseDate
INSERT (CustomerID, ProductID, LastPurchaseDate)
VALUES (src.CustomerID, src.ProductID, src.PurchaseDate);

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