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Monday, April 09, 2007

Sopranos: Bobby Baccalla beats the crap out of Tony Soprano

That was a great episode last night, I am glad to see that this season started much better than last season. I watched the last episode of last season on Saturday night and I was quite excited to start watching the final season. Bobby Baccalla beat the crap out of Tony Soprano who insulted Janice after everyone got drunk while playing monopoly. Did you know that my wife’s family does the same thing with that extra rule that they made up to increase the pot?

Janice is one of those people you just cannot stand; I hate her with a passion. They way she acts towards the baby sitter is just plain wrong. BTW it was Tony’s birthday yesterday and he got golf clubs as a present among other things ;-). Yesterday was also my birthday but I did not get any golf clubs ;-(. But then again I don’t play golf or will ever play golf since it seems so boring to me. What is the point? Hit a ball then walk for 15 minutes and hit another ball, golf is not a sport I don’t care what they say otherwise.
Back to the Sopranos, I hope the other episodes are as good as the one from yesterday. Remember last season? The first episode was good; Tony got shot by Uncle Junior. Then the next episode went into the coma/dream nonsense and it was all down the hill after that.

Monday, April 02, 2007

April 8th Is Almost Here

Why should you care? Here are 4 reasons

1) My Birthday
2) Final season of Sopranos starts
3) New season of Entourage starts
4) Easter

So finally the Sopranos will end ;-( I must admit that the last season wasn’t that great, the episode in which Tony had that crazy dream with that suitcase was just horrible. Watch out for the ducks in the last episode (remember the ducks in the first episode? They will be back and we've come full circle with the show)

I did not start watching Entourage until last season, since then I have watched all the episodes (thank you Comcast on demand). Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold) and Kevin Dillon (Johnny "Drama" Chase) are my favorite characters.

Easter, oh yes the day that I have to go to Church with my wife (I made a wedding day promise). My older son will have a lot of fun with all the eggs/chocolates and gifts that the Easter Bunny will bring

It is also my birthday on April 8th, I will be getting closer to midlife crisis. I will turn 37 that day, wait isn’t 37 the new 27?