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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sam Gentile Reviews RubyMicrosoft Essay By Martin Fowler

Martin Fowler asked Sam Gentile to review and contribute thoughts to his very important new essay RubyMicrosoft. This piece presents the view that Microsoft is at a crossroads, an important time in its life where Microsoft can make good of opportunities or choose an altogether different road.

Read the article here:

Here is the most interesting comment

On the alpha geek side, I fear all is lost already. All of my peers and the "Agile .NET" community have already moved ontoCastle/Windsor, NUNit, NAnt, MonoRail, Spring.NET, NHibernate, etcinstead of Microsoft solutions. It’s virtually over already. For twoyears now, I have talked about our Agile team and how we can't useVisual Studio Team System and instead have to use CruiseControl.NET,NUnit, NAnt, etc to work in an Agile fashion. Not only does Microsoftnot understand this, but the majority of Microsoft programmers don't.They have been weaned on being "Morts" and having wizards, storedprocedures, drag & drop forced on them and not required to learn thesolid skills that make up what we think of as a developer

What is your opinion? We are using Subversion and currently testing with CruiseControl, NAnt and NUnit

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