Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Murphy's Law And SQL Server

Why do things break the moment that the person who handles something is on vacation?
Here is the full story. A co-worker goes on vacation, he has his work on a specific server, this server is in our lab and not on the MCN (Mission Critical Network). First let me tell you that we are considered ‘renegades’ and that we don’t get operation support for some of our machines because we don’t use corporate standards and we need full control over our machines.
Anyway the server worked fine for 2 years, co-worker goes on vacation to Japan and the very next day I am getting crazy errors like can not use ad-hoc queries use linked server instead???? I click on the linked server and get OLEDB FoxPro driver missing errors? Fine let’s restart, simple enough right? Wrong! After hitting stop from Service Manager the status is ‘stopping’, after 20 minutes it is still ‘stopping’
Mmm I don’t want to to a hard reboot because I can corrupt all the databases and I don’t even know where half of the backups are (I don’t use this server). Okay let’s try NET STOP MSSQLSERVER. Nope application is in transition and can not be stopped error. Then it occurred to me that maybe we got hit by the slammer worm. Since it’s stopping I can not execute serverproperty so I right click on the sqlserver.exe file and look up the version number. It’s 2039, good that’s SP4. Then I hit restart from the start button and it restarted and everything was fine.

So what is Murphy's Law? Here is the Wikipedia link in case you want to know's_law

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