Thursday, February 09, 2006

Beginning SQL Server 2005 For Developers: From Novice To Professional

Apress has published their latest SQl server 2005 book: Beginning SQL Server 2005 For Developers: From Novice To Professional

SQL Server 2005 will increase your programming options, productivity, analysis, and database management. If you have some basic knowledge of relational databases and want to start a career as a developer using SQL Server, then this book is your ideal first step. It explains the core jobs and roles for developing a database in both SQL Server 2000 and 2005.

This book features practical steps to help you overcome issues you’re likely to encounter. You’ll learn to use SQL for querying, inserting, updating, and deleting data. You’ll also learn how to back up and restore databases for basic administration in SQL Server. Further, you’ll cover how to build a complete database, from the fundamentals of relational database design to table and index creation.

Additionally, you’ll start to program in T-SQL, SQL Server’s implementation (and extension) of the SQL programming language, and you’ll come away with effective programming techniques using stored procedures and triggers. The book also includes a CD that contains an evaluation edition of SQL Server 2005 so you can start building database applications right away.

This book is 536 pages and below is the table of contents

CHAPTER 1 SQL Server 2005 Overview and Installation
CHAPTER 2 SQL Server Management Studio
CHAPTER 3 Database Design and Creation
CHAPTER 4 Security
CHAPTER 5 Defining Tables
CHAPTER 6 Creating Indexes and Database Diagramming
CHAPTER 7 Database Backups, Recovery, and Maintenance
CHAPTER 8 Working with the Data
CHAPTER 9 Building a View
CHAPTER 10 Stored Procedures
CHAPTER 11 T-SQL Essentials
CHAPTER 12 Advanced T-SQL
CHAPTER 13 Triggers
CHAPTER 14 SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services
APPENDIX Glossary of Terms

Download chapter 4 (security) here

If you want to puchase this book the Amazon link is here

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