Monday, May 22, 2006

Cumulative Hotfix Package (build 2153) For SQL Server 2005 Available

So just after sp1 we already have a hotfix
The following has been fixed

SQL Server 2005 Post-SP1 hotfixes that are included in SQL Server 2005 build 9.0.2153
SQL Bug number Description
410 Dimension security does not support visual totals on a parent attribute that is in a parent-child dimension.
433 If you execute an ALTER DDL statement that removes dimension hierarchies from the database without removing the hierarchies from the cubes, an access violation may occur.
447 Processing performance on multiprocessor computers is somewhat slower than expected.
459 Under very specific and rare circumstances, a deadlock can occur between two or more sessions in SQL Server 2005. In this case, the internal deadlock monitoring mechanism does not detect the deadlock between the sessions.
461 Page breaks may not be respected when a table is rendered in Microsoft Office Excel if that report contains tables with the conditions of NoRows=true and NoRowsMessage=null, and the table contains a table header or footer.
464 The leaf page of a non-clustered index may have only one index row.
491 On a SQL Server 2005 installation that uses Turkish collation, you cannot view job steps that are of SSIS type from SQL Server Management Studio. If a job has SSIS job steps only, you receive an "Index was outside the bounds of the array. (SqlManagerUI)" error message when you click the Steps tab.
499 A Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) query that involves non-trivial custom rollups when it runs complex sum-like aggregate expressions runs much slower on SQL Server 2005 than on SQL Server 2000.
531 When you run a query or a stored procedure in SQL Server 2005, certain conditions can cause the SQL Server optimizer not to be able to produce an execution plan.
541 An ADOMD.NET application that runs through an IXMLA provider is limited to 32 maximum user sessions.
554 When you query the IS_PLACEHOLDERMEMBER member property for a dimension member by using the .Properties("IS_PLACEHOLDERMEMBER") function in MDX, the value that is returned is always FALSE. This behavior occurs even for members that are placeholders in the dimension.
584 When a report contains an image that is external or is a resource in Reporting Services and the report uses the interactive sorting functionality, the image is replaced by a red x.
606 The MDSCHEMA_PROPERTIES row set returns the wrong data type for some user-defined properties.
608 If you include a subreport in a group footer and you enable the HideDuplicates property in a detail row on a grouping item, SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services raises an internal error when you try to export the report. The error also occurs when you click Print Preview on the Preview tab in Report Designer.
614 SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services may intermittently display a System.NullReferenceException exception in the ReportSnapshot.EnsureAllStreamsAreClosed procedure. This behavior generates a mini-dump.
615 The SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services service does not start when you use Japanese_Unicode_CI_AS as a collation for the instance of SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services.
617 When you try to run a linked report that uses the User!UserID variable and the execution properties are set to use Snapshots, you receive the following error message:
3wp!library!1!1/27/2006-13:10:27:: e ERROR: Throwing Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.InternalCatalogException:
627 In the Japanese version of SQL Server 2005, the fulltext schedule creation in SQL Server Management Studio fails, and you receive the following error message:
Specified @category_name ('フルテキスト'localized string) not found (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 14262)
636 A memory leak may occur in the common language runtime (CLR) if you pass a CLR user-defined data type as a parameter by using a stored procedure or the sp_executesql procedure.
652 If Y-axis margins are enabled and the minimum Y-value of all data points is a "nice" integer value, the Y-axis minimum value will be adjusted to a lower value. For example, the chart control rounds 4.0 to 4 to create a "nice" integer value. However, the generated Y-axis labels are incorrect.
664 You run SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services builds 9.00.1520 through 9.00.1539 or SQL Server 2005 SP1. In this case, an MDX query that includes a distinct count measure may not return results. This behavior only occurs if the measure group that is queried contains multiple partitions.
708 The SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) service does not start when you install SQL Server 2005 SP1
752 The MSMQTask.dll and dependencies are deleted when the fix that is described in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 910070 is applied.
40000100 If the log reader agent and the DBCC DBREINDEX or ALTER INDEX ...REBUILD commands run at the same time, the log reader agent may miss some transactions to the distributor.
40000102 When you configure Log Shipping and add two or more secondary servers to Log Shipping, only the secondary server that you added last is monitored by the monitor server and the other secondary servers are not.
40000108 The SQL Server 2005 Database Engine Tuning Advisor may unexpectedly exit if indexed views are part of the workload that is tuned.
40000110 The YTD calculation in cubes that use parent-child dimensions may be incorrect.
50000104 The SqlCommandBuilder.DeriveParameters(SqlCommand) method returns an exception when you execute a stored procedure with an input parameter that is a typed XML type.
50000112 A member of the SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services database administrator role cannot add or delete perspectives. Only a member of the SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services server role can perform such tasks.
50000115 A Report Server Model may use an Analysis Services data source. MDX queries are generated from Report Builder based on the Report Server Model. Dates in the MDX queries have the month and day parts transposed.
50000116 A FETCH operation that uses a KEYSET cursor may be slow if the target table for the cursor has a clustered index and non-clustered indexes. This behavior occurs if the clustered index is the best choice for the FETCH operation and if the SELECT query for the cursor is very simple.
50000120 In SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services, calculated members that are defined in the cube MDX script are resolved before any session or query defined calculations. The only exceptions are certain scenarios with the Aggregate and VisualTotals functions. This behavior is a change from the SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services behavior. In SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services, the Solve Order could be used explicitly to insert a session or a query-defined calculation between two cube level calculations. This change in behavior may cause the query or session scope calculated members not to return the results that you want in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services. Cumulative hotfix package for SQL Server 2005 (build 9.0.2153) introduces new syntax that allows for control over the scope in which a calculated member is evaluated.
50000151 When you run a SELECT query to return any duplicate rows in a table, incorrect results are returned if the query plan contains a hash aggregation and if one or more of the columns in the table contain a combination of empty strings and undefined characters.
50000154 You may receive a variablelock list error message when you run multiple instances of a package.

You can download the hotfix here

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