Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A SQL Super Hero Is Born

Ken Henderson promised to give away a signed book to the person who made the best Celko superhero
Tom Øyvind Hogstad has created one on his blog and I think it looks pretty good, even the S in the logo can stay; we can assume it stands for SQL

Below you will find my favorite Celko answer ever

>> how to set the PK in SS Mgmt Studio ? <<

Who cares?? You are not not a real SQL programmer!! You are a "mousey, mousey, click , click" non-programmer. (with a French accent) we spit on you, Video gamer! to be serious, real programmers use a text editor. They know the language they write in. Those stinking "video game tools"slow us down. And they lead us to ask questiosn like this in newsgroups where people liek me will maek fun of you.

You can find more of these Celko ‘answers on Joe Celko The SQL Apprentice

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Huntelaar said...

That picture is mirthful ;-)