Friday, October 06, 2006

SQL Server Blog Of The Week: Snaps & Snippets By Mi Lambda (Matija Lah)

So here we are it's Friday and you know what that means; it's time for our blog of the week. The blog of the week is snaps & snippets by Mi Lambda (Matija Lah). Matija Lah lives in Slovenia, I have visited Slovenia many times; I have been to Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper and Bled. The first I heard about this blog was in the microsoft public sql server programming forum, if you visit the forum look out for the author ML

What do I like about this blog
There are some cool tricks and tips in this blog and the posting go into a lot of detail. it's like reading a book

What are some at the posts I like the most
Column Dependencies and Consequences
Unidirectional synchronisation
Full synchronisation
Date[Time] constructor SQL-style

Where can I see/read/hear more about the author?
check the microsoft.public.sqlserver.programming forum

So there you have it; the SQL Server blog of the week


Matija Lah said...

True value of recognition comes solely from being recognised by peers.


Like reading a book? Well, I'll keep that in mind. :)

Writing about data management is a pleasure.

Denis the SQL Menace said...

No problem,
and thank you for your blog I really enjoy reading it
BTW where I am from is not that far from you...Labin, Istra, Croatia