Monday, October 02, 2006

Top SQL Server Google Searches For September 2006

These are the top SQL Searches on this site for the month of September I have left out searches that have nothing to do with SQL Server or programming (for example atlantic city escorts)

calculating application availability
pl/sql code to calculate application availability
vb .net Datagrid column naming
does not have the identity property
application availability report and pl/sql
datetime string
sqldatareader stored proc clr
OUTER JOIN SQL 2000 example

I always find it interesting to see what people are searching for and it also gives me ideas for things to write about

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Scott Whigham said...

lol - I enjoy reading your blog and, when I saw your comment about people searching your blog for "atlantic city escorts", I started laughing. I get the craziest searches on my sites as well. My favorite? "deby dus dalas" roflmao. Why someone was on searching for that, I have no clue! Some other funny ones: "Clustard index", "BLINK 182", and, strangely enough, someone was searching for "comedy" on lol. Oh those pesky users :)