Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Blogstats For The Year 2006

So the year 2006 is finally over; here are some stats

Visits By Source
As you can see from the picture Google is king in terms of people reaching this blog, Tek-Tips is number two and MSN is number three. Actually the real number two is a direct link; this is either from people who type the URL in their address bar or maybe use a RSS reader or even outlook express to read the SQL server newsgroups. I assume if people use the Google groups that this counts towards the overall Google number

Visits By New And Returning
Of the people who visit this site 23.39 percent are returning visitors. I don’t know if this is good or bad and what other people’s numbers are; I have nothing to compare against.

Visits and Pageviews
So during 2006 this blog had 45375 page views, the average is 124 page views a day. I guess that this is not a bad thing; my average is higher when looking only at the last month. At least it looks like the average is going up not down ;-)
The big spike that you see is when one of my articles got posted to digg and then to dzone.

Geo Map Overlay
Most people who visit this site come from North America, Europe, India and Singapore
Nothing more to say here really; the picture speaks for itself

And that is it for the year 2006; from now on it is all 2007

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Anonymous said...

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