Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Giving Away 2 Invites For Pownce

I have 2 invites left for Pownce.

Leave me a comment here (explaining why you want/need that invite, also leave your home page URL) and send an email to sqlservercode AT gmail.com (include the home page you left in the comment) if you want one.

Best 2 comments will get the invite.

I will announce the winners tomorrow (July 11 2007) at 6AM EST


Unknown said...

Best Comment!!!! I'm all up in ur commentz.

. said...

Hook me up with some Pownce!!


Unknown said...

x'; UPDATE [Comments] SET [Text] = 'I am boring don''t pick me' WHERE [User] <> 'rikkus'; --

Anonymous said...

Lol, could i have an invite? pretty please? :) I promise to give out loads of them myself :P


u'll get an automated reply from the account, as i use it mostly for pages where spambots can read from, so just ignore it ~Thanks

Anonymous said...

I'm lonely. Please help by invitng me to pownce. Thanks.


Denis said...

The winners are rikkus and surya

rikkus mail me with your email address so that I can hook you up

Now if the 2 winners want to give invites to the other people here that is up to them

Anonymous said...

you pos, stupid moron

Denis said...

I got a couple of more invites and also invited tonic taz, rcx is already on pownce

blink industries and rikkus if you want an invite send me an email