Sunday, January 13, 2008

The last two days have been the worst of my life

The last two days have been the worst of my life; it feels like he combination of a really bad hangover, the flu and a massive toothache. It all started on Wednesday afternoon; my tooth and the gum fell a little sore. Instead of going to the dentist like a normal person I decided to wait because it will go away. Thursday it fell worse and I had to ask for Motrin at work. I did not sleep at all Thursday night, I called my dentist at 6AM but he couldn’t see me until 12:20 PM. I figured he’ll give me a shot, clean out the tooth and I’ll be back at work at 2PM.
Well it turns out a root canal I had done 10 years ago acted up and they have to do a root end resection. My dentist doesn’t do root canals; he referred me to a specialist. The specialist is fully booked and doesn’t have an opening till Tuesday morning.
My dentist prescribed Oxycodone W/APAP (also known as Oxycontin or Roxicodone) and Amoxicillin. That stuff is pretty intense, your pain goes away but you are pretty much useless. The pain is gone but now my right cheek is swollen and I have to throw up every hour or so. I just hope all this ends by Tuesday, the fix the root canal and I can be at my desk by 12PM.
The reason I wrote this is that next time I say “I have no time to floss for five5 minutes I’ll do one minute instead” I can look back at this post and hopefully change my mind

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