Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Father Again

I am a father again; my wife gave birth to 2 beautiful babies on Monday night. The boy is named Nicholas and the girl is name Catherine (yes just like Catherine the Great and Czar Nicholas II) I was working Monday and knew we were launching some new products this Wednesday. So I did all the work on staging on Monday and said to myself I will put it on the production box on Tuesday just in case my wife goes into labor. Well my wife didn’t feel that good on Monday and went in for a checkup and they decided to deliver the babies the same day. My son was with my wife so the person who I report to drove me to the hospital (I did not bring my keys to work) after that he drove me home so I could get some stuff and then he drove me back again (who else has a boss like that? ) A friend of ours came to the hospital to watch our son because my wife insisted that I had to be in the delivery room. My wife’s sisters were on vacation in Ocean City, they decided to visit that night and drove to the hospital. They arrived during the time that the babies were born. After the babies were born the sister took our son to our home and stayed there and I slept on the most comfortable (yeah right) hospital pull out chair. The sisters left on Tuesday and I went back home at 9PM. After putting my son to bed I logged in to my computer at work and worked for about an hour to move all the code over and to test that I didn’t mess up anything. My wife is still in the hospital but she will be coming home with the babies Friday morning. That’s it for now, next post will be SQL related again, probably sometime next week.

Below are some pictures, click on the pictures to get a bigger picture

Susan, Christian, Catherine and Nicholas




WesleyB said...

Hey congratulations dude!
Those are 2 beautiful future SQL Server Guru's you've got there!

Anonymous said...

Awww, twins! My baby brothers are identical twins.


Denis said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...