Sunday, July 02, 2006

Top SQL Server Google Searches For June 2006

These are the top SQL Searches on this site for the month of June. I have left out searches that have nothing to do with SQL Server or programming. Here are the results...

dbreindex microsoft sqlserver forum
mysql grant privileges column level union
-310 sql error
"SQL Server Everywhere"
replace last two characters
grant update mysql syntax
"The provider ran out of memory"
-310 sql
how to sql to excel
Msg 2627, Level 14, State 1
ADD_DAYS oracle syntax
query for SQL bit checking


WesleyB said...

" union"

You should stop spamming Google with that automated SQL CLR proc :-)

SQL said...

No spam here, see the Google search box on top? Those are the searches that people typed into that box
When you add it will only search this site for that

for example for your site someone might use union
and google will only search for the word UNION

of course they could also use the Blogger Toolbar instead

BTW since you are from Belgium, do you speak Dutch (Spreek jij Nederlands)
I have visited Belgium a few times (I grew up in Amsterdam)