Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Free Quest LiteSpeed For SQL Server Developer Edition

Here is an Independence Day gift for you. You can get the fast backup and recovery solution LiteSpeed for free (to be used with the developer edition only)

From the Quest site:

"The fast backup and recovery solution for Microsoft SQL Server Developer Edition is here - LiteSpeed™ for SQL Server Developer Edition. LiteSpeed's low-impact, high-performance compression technology allows you to dramatically reduce storage costs and backup/recovery windows.

With LiteSpeed, you'll achieve:

Fast backup and recovery. LiteSpeed's technology achieves 50 percent faster backup and recovery times, allowing you to cut your restore time in half.
Reduced file sizes and storage costs. LiteSpeed's compression technology compresses data up to 95 percent, saving disk space.
Optimized backup and recovery. You'll maintain complete control, while backup and recovery performance is improved right out of the box.

Reduce the time and costs associated with backup and recovery projects today with this full-version download. LiteSpeed for SQL Server Developer Edition - a $45 value - is completely FREE to SQL Server Central readers for a limited time"

Get it here

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