Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Whole Lotta Rosie By AC/DC or Whole Lotta Love By Led Zeppelin?

I got a new MP3 player from my sister in law for Christmas and have been listening to some good old R & R

So the question is which of these similar named songs do you prefer?
Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC with Bon Scott from the album Let There Be Rock.
Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin from the album Led Zeppelin II.

Between these two my pick is Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC and I think that this is still my favorite AC/DC song.

My favorite Led Zeppelin song is not Whole Lotta Love but one of these
Since I've Been Loving You from Led Zeppelin III
Black Dog from Led Zeppelin IV
Over the Hills and Far Away from Houses of the Holy
Travelling Riverside Blues from the Led Zeppelin Box Set

I am still undecided on the Led Zep favorite. Which is your favorite Led Zep song? And no Stairway to Heaven is not allowed as your pick


Anonymous said...

Why not Stairways To Heaven?

Denis said...

Because most people only know Stairway To Heaven and no other Led Zep songs and makes them look like a 1 hit wonder

I have many versions of this song and some of them are bootleg live versions which are pretty cool

I think I heard it so many times that right now I actually skip it when it is on the radio.

Anonymous said...

Not a big fan of AC/DC, so I guess that is too easy of a question (they are excellent at what they do, but I just dont so much identify with them, so dont go nuts and flame me :)

For Zep however, the choice for best is pretty much hands down Stairway, but then there are so many. The Ocean or the Crunge when I need loud ear destroying music, or the Rain Song for a a more mellow sound. ( the list would eventually be 3/4 of their catalog, so I will stop there)

I personaly listened to the Beatles 'Love' disk first on my new Zune, the Tull, then the Who (hmm, another list that could go on for a while :)

louis (drsql.spaces.live.com)

Denis said...

Mmmmm the only Blue Oyster Cult song I know is Don't Fear The Reaper

Anonymous said...

Kashmir would have to be my favorite Zepp tune.


Anonymous said...

"Whole Lotta Rosie" is one of the hardest and awesomest AC/DC songs ever. "Let There be Rock" and "Highway to Hell" are the two most righteous Bon Scott albums ever.