Friday, April 28, 2006

Splitting City, State and Zipcode From One Column (Or Flat file)

Sometimes you deal with vendors, customers or agencies and you have to do a file exchange
Of course the format of these files is always dictated by these people so what do you do when a CityStateZip column contains values like “Long Island City, NY 10013” or like “Princeton,NJ 08536 “? But in your Database it is normalized of course, and you have 3 columns. You will have to use a combination of LEFT, LTRIM, SUBSTRING, REPLACE and RIGHT. I am taking into account that there could be spaces in the column or even spaces in the name (New York City) So let’s get started and see what we get

CREATE TABLE #TestCityStateZip (csz CHAR(49))
INSERT INTO #TestCityStateZip VALUES ('city ,st 12223')
INSERT INTO #TestCityStateZip VALUES ('New York City,NY 10028')
INSERT INTO #TestCityStateZip VALUES ('Princeton , NJ 08536')
INSERT INTO #TestCityStateZip VALUES ('Princeton,NJ 08536 ')
INSERT INTO #TestCityStateZip VALUES ('Long Island City, NY 10013')
INSERT INTO #TestCityStateZip VALUES ('Long Island City, NY 10013 ')
INSERT INTO #TestCityStateZip VALUES ('Long Island City , NY 10013')
INSERT INTO #TestCityStateZip VALUES ('Long Island City ,NY 10013 ')

SELECT LEFT(csz,CHARINDEX(',',csz)-1)AS City,
LEFT(LTRIM(SUBSTRING(csz,(CHARINDEX(',',csz)+1),4)),2) AS State,
FROM #TestCityStateZip


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