Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Top SQL Server Google Searches For March 2006

These are the top SQL Searches on this site for the month of March. I have left out searches that have nothing to do with SQL Server or programming. Here are the results...

ToBase64String sql procedure
type of database backup
how to view the picture files for a particular date using sql command
Crystal reports
SQL group right
SQL SERVER create table select
i need to know about money laundry and bluk currency smuggling
AMD SQL Server Performance
sql monitor
convert mysql mssql
left join SQL Server
left join

It's always interesting to see what people are searching for, I left the money laundry one in this list because I thought it was kind of amusing
I always like to look at this list so that I know what people are interested in and I can write a little thing about it
So tomorrow I will cover LEFT JOIN


seventoes said...

Ha! Its called money laundering.. not money laundry!! That guy must have been like 9...

SQL said...

That's the reason I left it there because it's just very funny