Friday, April 07, 2006

SQL Server Everywhere Edition <> Sybase SQL Anywhere

Paul Flessner Senior Vice President of Microsoft Corporation has posted a SQL Server 2005 update here
Am I the only one who thinks that the name "SQL Server Everywhere Edition" is very close to "Sybase SQL Anywhere"?
I can see the jokes already "Not only does SQL server have the same codebase (not true) the name is also ripped off"

Anyway these are the 4 key themes that Paul Flessner mentioned
Continuous Availability and Automation
Beyond Relational
Dynamic Applications
End-To-End Insight

This is what Paul has to say about SQL Server Everywhere Edition "This new offering for storage on clients of all types will provide a lightweight, compact, but rich subset of the capabilities found in other SQL Server editions. Beyond having rich local data management capabilities, SQL Server Everywhere Edition will also include support for seamlessly synchronizing with other SQL Server editions and provides features that promote building rich client applications that operate effectively in today’s increasingly “occasionally connected” environment. SQL Server Everywhere Edition also shares a common programming model with the other SQL Server editions, enabling developers to transfer skills and knowledge quickly and easily. We expect to ship the first CTP of SQL Server Everywhere Edition this summer, with the goal of final release before the end of this calendar year."

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Anonymous said...

I know someone that works for Sybase, they all know about this SQL Everywhere from MS, and this will be VERY confusing for customers between the two products. As far as I know, SQL Server Everywhere from Microsoft is exactly the same thing as SQL Mobile, and this is just a business strategy.
Anyways, we'll see how it turns out.