Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

This is not going to be a SQL post (again) So to have at least some SQL I am going to link to a post I did last year: Calculating Thanksgiving By Using SQL in SQL Server

So that’s that. I have some people coming over today and still have to cook all the stuff. The best part about thanksgiving besides the food and seeing the family is that we pick our secret Santa. Up until last year we would exchange with every family member and have a limit of $25. No we do it differently we pick one person from a hat and spend $125. This is much better because you only have to buy a gift for one person and you can get a nicer gift instead of several smaller gifts. So I usually give my list of Amazon links to the person and they can choose what to get me. Yes it’s not really a ‘secret’ Santa. I will post my list on Saturday so that you can see if I have any taste or not

Now another topic: weight gain. Yes the time between Thanksgiving and New Years day is the time when most people start putting on the pounds. A friend of mine has a blogpost named Fat America but I must warn you if you are a heavier person you might get offended with some of the language at the end of the post (the elevator part)

Anyway enjoy the food and drinks and have a good time

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