Thursday, November 02, 2006

Top 5 Posts For October 2006

Below are the top 5 posts according to Google Analytics for the month of October 2006 in order by pageviews descending

Five Ways To Return Values From Stored Procedures
SQL Query Optimizations
Do You Know How Between Works With Dates?
NULL Trouble In SQL Server Land
SQL Server 2000 Undocumented Procedures For Files, Drives and Directories

The reason Five Ways To Return Values From Stored Procedures was number one is because it was posted on digg. Once something makes it to digg and people seemed to like it then you can expect thousands of hits or even more (The Digg Effect) So far 33 people have dugg this story. The link to the digg URL is below

After that 23 people saved it on that link is below

I will update the top 10 of all time (below the masthead) later today

[edit]Why wait? I have updated the top 10, you can see it here:[/edit]

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