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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

LAMP + Porn = perfect Job?

Found this here:

Senior Software Engineer – Linux/Apache/Mysql/Perl

We are a small, San Francisco-based company seeking a lead software engineer/architect to take over development of our subscription-based adult video web site. You will work with our fabulously talented product manager, marketer, and engineering support to improve our service and take it to new levels of traffic and success.

You must be extremely skilled in the following technologies, so that you can both keep the current site running and extend it:

Linux (packaging systems, network configuration, debugging, tweaking)
Perl (in the form of command line scripts, cgi scripts, and complete libraries)
Apache (building and tweaking the 1.3 variants, and the mod_perl module)
MySQL (SQL and performance tuning)
Java (from servlets to applications; including Hibernate, Spring, Log4j and other open source java libraries/frameworks)

Additionally, you must be very familiar with the following technologies that you will encounter, or the ability to quickly come up to speed on them:


You possess the skill-sets of both a system administrator and programmer. You can set up and configure a server to make it do what you want; you can discover, configure and compile applications to make them do what you want; and you can write the code to customize and tie all these things together. There is no part of a system that you are afraid to venture into, nor do you find application writing boring or too complex.

You are a developer who can do anything that you put your mind too; and you live and breathe open source software. You are goals focused, and take great pride in completing and optimizing working applications. You can communicate with business people to find out what needs to be done and how it should be prioritized, and you have the confidence and skill to make it happen. You know the latest tools and technologies that are available that might replace what we’ve got. You actively seek this information and are always looking for better ways to do things.

Finally, you have no problem serving up gigabytes and gigabytes of pornography. In fact, you find the challenge of pushing out a sustained 3Gb/s of pornography to be an extremely interesting engineering problem.

Required skills: Perl/mod_perl