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Friday, August 31, 2007

Download LINQPad

Can't wait for C# 3.0 and LINQ? Well you don't have to! Dynamically query SQL databases today in LINQ: no more struggling with antiquated SQL. Download LINQPad and kiss goodbye to SQL Management Studio: LINQPad supports LINQ to objects, LINQ to SQL and LINQ to XML—in fact, everything in C# 3.0 and .NET Framework 3.5. LINQPad is also a terrific learning tool for experimenting with this exciting new technology.

No installation required: LINQPad ships as a simple "click and run" self-updating 300KB executable. Instant LINQ!

Download it here:

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Nice Silverlight Developer Reference Poster

Silverlight Developer Reference Poster

The supported languages are C#, VB, JScript, IronPython, VB10 (soon), IronRuby (soon). VB10 soon???? VB9 isn't even out yet. LINQ is supported by Silverlight, but support for XLINQ (LINQ to XML) is coming soon. The Opera browser and Windows 2000 will also be supported soon as well as RSS/Atom support.

Get the full size poster here: or click on the image

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lambda Expressions, LINQ, DLINQ And XLINQ Samples For Orcas

Microsoft has a bunch of samples on their sitethat show how Lambda Expressions, LINQ, DLINQ And XLINQ work in Visual Studio Orcas Beta 1

This is what is available right now
C# LINQ Samples and content for Beta 1
C# LINQ Samples and content for March CTP
VB LINQ Samples for Beta 1

If you install C# LINQ Samples and content for Beta 1 then you will see the following examples

In addidion to the samples there are also these five whitepapers in the whitepapers folder.
LINQ to SQL Overview for CSharp Developers.doc
XLinq_Overview - Feb.doc
LINQ Project Overview.doc
CSharp 3.0 Specification.doc
Standard Query Operators.doc

This is all a must read if you want to get started with .NET 3.5

Here is the download link in case the URLs above changes: