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Monday, April 07, 2008

Video: SQL Server Data Services Architecture

SQL Server Technical Evangelist Ryan Dunn sits down and talks turkey with two of the creators of SQL Server Data Services (SSDS), Architect Istvan Cseri and Development Manager Nigel Ellis. Istvan and Nigel dig into how to design applications for SSDS and cover a number of the interesting aspects of working with SSDS in terms of features, design, and security.

Watch it here:

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Links Of The Week 20080330

Who needs SQL links when you have this gem?

Check out (grand)ma in the background, she doesn't miss a beat.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Video: SQL Server Data Services and the Future of Data in the Cloud

Channel 9 has a 45 minute video with Dave Campbell about SQL Server Data Services. maybe this video will answer some of the question you might have about SQL Server Data Services

Watch it here:

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Video: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Nov CTP - Spatial (Part 1/3)

Head over to Channel 9 and watch the first part of a three part series about the spatial data type in SQL server 2008. Besides video formats there are also mp3 and wma versions in case you just want to listen to it

Watch it here:

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Friday, March 02, 2007

How Do I? video series focused on SQL Server 2005 Express

The site posted a great new "How Do I?" video series focused on SQL Server 2005 Express (which you can download and use completely for free).
So what is in this series?

#1 What is a Database?
(28 minutes, 15 seconds)

#2 Understanding Database Tables and Records
(24 minutes, 56 seconds)

#3 More about Column Data Types and Other Properties
(21 minutes, 37 seconds)

#4 Designing Relational Database Tables
(34 minutes, 10 seconds)

#5 Manipulating Database Data
(40 minutes, 20 seconds)

#6 More Structured Query Language
(23 minutes, 13 seconds)

#7 Understanding Security and Network Connectivity
(40 minutes, 59 seconds)

#8 Connecting your Web Application to SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
(1 hour, 5 minutes)

#9 Using SQL Server Management Studio
(40 minutes, 26 seconds)

#10 Getting Started with Reporting Services
(32 minutes, 51 seconds)

#11 Building and Customizing Reports in Business Intelligence Development Studio
(44 minutes, 50 seconds)

#12 Creating and Using Stored Procedures
(42 minutes, 34 seconds)

#13 Enabling Full-Text Search in your Text Data
(38 minutes, 25 seconds)

You can download all of these here:


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chuck Boyce Has Some Joe Celko Videos On YouTube

Chuck Boyce left me a comment on the Celko post yesterday. I decided to make it a separate post since most people who use a RSS reader don't see the comments

Here are some videos of Adam Machanic interviewing Joe Celko at the 2006 PASS Summit
that I just published today to our new
Solid Quality Learning YouTube channel

Joe Celko on the evil of cursors

Joe Celko discusses the problem with the median puzzle

Joe Celko recalls an old-school pre CASE statement trick

Thanks Chuck

Link to Chuck's post: