Friday, December 29, 2017

The 15 most popular posts in 2017

Another year is almost over. As the last post of this year I decided to share with you the 15 most popular posts in 2017. I just used Google Analytics to grab this info, I excluded the home page from the top 15.  Some of these post are so old, we didn't even have windowing functions in SQL Server when these were written.,....

Here they are in order of popularity

01. Ten SQL Server Functions That You Hardly Use But Should
A post from 2007 showing some hardly used functions like NULLIF, PARSENAME and STUFF

02. Five Ways To Return Values From Stored Procedures
A very old post that shows you five ways to return values from a stored proc

03. Your lack of constraints is disturbing
A post showing the type of constraints available in SQL Server with examples

04.  Use T-SQL to create caveman graphs
One of the shortest post on this site, show you how you can make visually appealing output with a pipe symbol

05. Convert Millisecond To "hh:mm:ss" Format
A very old post showing you how to convert from milliseconds to "hh:mm:ss" format

06. T-SQL Tuesday #92, Lessons learned the hard way
Some of my mistakes put together in 1 post

07. SQL Server 2017: SQL Graph
Me messing around with the Graph functionality in SQL Server 2017

08. Query Analyzer Trick
A very old post explaining how you can drag the columns into the query window from object explorer. I think by now everyone knows this one right?

09. ISO-11179 Naming Conventions
A very old post linking to the ISO-11179 Naming Conventions document

10. Not sure that I like the message from Online Resumable Index Rebuild in SQL Server 2017
After playing qround with resumable index rebuilds I think the kill state and severe error occurred is a little over the top

11. Some cool SQL Server announcements SQL Graph, Adaptive Query Plan, CTP1 of SQL vNext, SQL Injection detection
This is my recap of the chalkboard session with the SQL Server team at the SQL Server PASS summit in Seattle.

12.  Five great SQL Server GitHub repos that every SQL Server person should check out
What the titles says, 5 GitHub repos you need to use

13. Chaos Isolation Level In SQL Server
This is linked from, it is kind of interesting because it was a silly post I made

14. T-SQL Tuesday #86: String or binary data would be truncated
A pet peeve of many people

15. Microsoft releases SQL Server Horizontica, a Vertica killer
Probably the best version of SQL Server ever created, was only available for download for 24 hours.

That is all for this year... see you in 2018...  the year of Linux on the desktop, DevOps, Ethereum, AR/VR, bendable phones and much more......

Out of focus Christmas tree,