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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I have a question for you on DB development blunders!

Last week Kalen Delaney wrote Did You Know? I have a question for you on DBA Blunders! I though the comments were very interesting, S we did the DBA part but what about developers? What are some of the worst blunders you have seen?

Here are a couple of things

Starting a begin tran, then some insert/update command, never commiting but minimizing the window.

Here is my all time favorite, can you reduce this by 90%?

@Token int
@Token = 51234567

declare @val int

left(@Token,1) = 1
select @val = 1
else if left(@Token,1) = 2
select @val = 2
else if left(@Token,1) = 3
select @val = 3
else if left(@Token,1) = 4
select @val = 4
else if left(@Token,1) = 5
select @val = 5
else if left(@Token,1) = 6
select @val = 6
else if left(@Token,1) = 7
select @val = 7
else if left(@Token,1) = 8
select @val = 8
else if left(@Token,1) = 9
select @val = 9
else if left(@Token,1) = 0
select @val = 0

select @val

Actually we put that on the whiteboard after we found it in our code and every time the developer wanted something we teased him about it...Oh you mean like that (pointing to the whiteboard)

What about changing the datatype from smallint to int in the table but keeping the params smallint in the proc.....mmmm why do I get a conversion in the execution plan?

So let's here some of what you have seen others write, we all know we couldn't write stuff like that ourselves right? :-)