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Monday, February 04, 2019

After 20+ years in IT .. I finally discovered this...

Originally I was not going to write this post, but after I found out that several other people didn't know this I figured what the heck, why not, maybe this will help someone else as well

Last week I was on a remote session with 2 clients, each run the Advent program . The team I am part of provides a script to run the advent (APX or Axys) executable. This will then generate the portfolios, composites, price, security master, splits and other files. We then zip it up and sftp it over for ingestion so that we can run analytics and attribution

During these calls I interact with system administrators because usually the need to give permissions so that the script runs correctly

None of these admins knew that what I will show you existed. All the co-workers I asked didn't know this either (This could be because they are developers and not admins)

Back in the day (win 98 or perhaps NT 4), there was a windows powertool that you could install and if you right clicked on a folder you would get an option to open a command window and it would be in the path that you right clicked on

Those power tools don't exist anymore and you could do the same by hacking the registry, it's like a 16 step process

But there is a faster way.....

So what I usually did before 2 months ago is that I would select the path

And then I would open a command prompt, type CD and then paste the path...not too complicated

But here is the faster way.... instead of copying the path...just type in cmd in the address bar and hit enter

Boom shakalaka... a command prompt is opened immediately and you are in the same path

Did you know this also works when you type Powershell in the address bar, Eric Darling left me a comment on twitter informing me that it works with powershell as well

Here is what you see after typing it

So there you have it... hopefully it will save you some minutes of valuable time in a year

Also if you knew about this or did not know..leave a comment and let me know