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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Clippy Is Not Dead, Clippy Is Alive.....On Linux

So we all know that Clippy hasn't made it to Office 2007 but guess what? Clippy is not dead, it's alive! DR. FrankGNUstein has dug up Clippy from the cemetery near Redmond, Clippy was resting (in peace) near MS Bob and now only an empty grave can be found.
Below is a picture of Clippy on Linux, kind of creepy and if you look closely you can still see the scars. Now you know why Seattle had a blackout recently because DR. FrankGNUstein used a tremendous amount of power to resurrect Clippy

Click on the image to see a bigger image. And yes I will post some real SQL later today, it will be about ten hardly used functions in T-SQL (STUFF, NULLIF, PARSENAME, REVERSE, UNICODE and more.....)

And if you want to see more Linux Clippy images and a video as well then visit this link: