Monday, January 30, 2006

Professional SQL Server 2005 Integration Services

Professional SQL Server 2005 Integration Services has just been published by WROX, a co-worker already ordered it and I skimmed though it during lunch and ordered my own copy. I already own SQL server 2000 DTS and was very satisfied with that book. I have included 2 links to 2 sample chapters as well as a link to Amazon, so far there are 2 reviews on Amazon and both are 5 stars. The book itself is 720 pages and below is the table of contents

Author Bios.

1. Services.
2. Importing and Exporting Data.
3. SSIS Fundamentals.
4. Data Flow Elements and Transforms.
5. Creating Your First Package.
6. Advanced Tasks and Transforms.
7. Scripting in DTS.
8. Accessing Heterogenous Data.
9. Reliability and Scalability.
10. Understanding the Integration Services Engine.
11. Applying the Integration Services Engine.
12. DTS 2000 Migration and Metadata Management.
13. Error and Event Handling.
14. Programming and Extending SSIS.
15. Adding a User Interface to Components.
16. External Management and WMI.
17. Using SSIS with External Applications.
18. SSIS Software Development Life Cycle.
19. Case Study: Typical Relational ETL.

Chapter 1 Welcome to SQL Server Integration Services sample chapter is available here
Chapter 5 Creating an End-to-End Package is available from Brian Knight's blog

The Amazon link is here

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