Wednesday, March 14, 2007

R.I.P Visual FoxPro

Where is the wake ;-) Finally this thing is about to die, no more having to deal with 40 tables because each FoxPro table has a 2GB limit. And don’t get me started with exclusively locked tables either. I think that I will listen to die, die my darling by Metallica while I finish this post. Here are some of the lyrics

Die, die, die my darling
Dont utter a single word
Die, die, die my darling
Just shut your Foxy eyes (I replaced pretty with Foxy)

So for all you FoxPro lovers, there is a great new site (so there is hope for you ;-)) VFP-Conversion

Think Outside the Fox-Den!


Anonymous said...

I feel that you are trying to bait those of us who develop in VFP :)

I am actually developing a business system at the moment that has VFP components and VB.NET components.

I dig .NET for everything but data handling. VFP still kills it with its built in DML.

I hope that LINQ gets somewhere good but it ain't there yet!

I use SQL Server as the backend, VFP works with it seamlessly - perhaps you didn't realise that.

VFP tables are brilliant for small / medium sized business apps -> easy to distribute and no licensing issues.

VFP will be used for development for a long while yet.

Denis said...

Why not use SQL Server Express? It is free also. I understand your point, however where I work people keep adding more and more tables because they reach the 2GB limit. Another headache for me is when people open the table (exclusively) and leave to go home. Yes for a small organiation it is good and I have nothing against FoxPro. I also have nothing against FoxPro being used as an inteface as long as the data is stored in a proper RDBMS. FoxPro and VB will be here for a long time.......

Now only if I could get rid of Access ;-)

Anonymous said...

If the 2Gb limit was an issue, why didn't you upsize to a C/S database like a normal person?

Denis said...

>>why didn't you upsize to a C/S database like a normal person?

Because I just get data from FoxPro the operations team uses FoxPro not me. So yes my data is stored in a real RDBMS however some of the data I still have to get from flat files, Excel sheets and FoxPro tables

Unknown said...

Really bad news about visual foxpro platform going to end.

Visual FoxPro to .Net