Wednesday, March 12, 2008

6th Annual Financial Services Developer Conference

I went to the 6th Annual Financial Services Developer Conference today in New York City. This year’s focus was on High Performance Computing (HPC). I must say that I have enjoyed this conference a lot. It seems that SQL Server is very prevalent on the street. The OLAP capabilities of SQL Server are making Sybase slowly disappear from Wall Street. Financial firms are doing some very interesting stuff; there is a hedge fund which records an earnings call, runs it through some voice stress analysis software and based on the outcome of that will short or long the stock. You should hear the stories of how financial firms handle IT, the innovation is happening in the financial markets. I also saw a couple of very cool WPF applications. Check out the demos from Lab49:
Visit to download The Silverlight 2 Retail Financial Services Demonstrator

Financial Services Developer Conference

Carl Franklin from Dotnetrocks recorded a podcast at the event, this podcast was about concurrency and how to handle multi-core programming. You should definitely check it out when it becomes available on dotnetrocks. If you are interested about PLINQ and concurrent programming with .NET then visit this site:

Dotnetrocks Podcast Recording

Tomorrow there are three sessions at the same time that I want to attend
Software Engineering with VSTS
Parallelize you .Net applications with parallel extensions to the .NET framework.
Useful evolution: Programming the New features in SQL Server 2008.

I have my blackcrackberry with me so if you are attending the event tomorrow then send me an email at and maybe we can discuss about this event during lunch.

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