Sunday, June 01, 2008

Less Than Dot A New community Site Has Been Launched

Myself and a bunch of friends have been working on Less Than Dot for a while now. The site has a forum, blogs and a wiki. More info why we started Less Than Dot and who we are can be found here:

Since I am mostly a SQL guy, I wrote a collection of SQL Server hacks. This collection of SQL hacks is available on the Wiki, right now we have 8 sections and between 70 and 80 hacks. Ideally we will have more hacks and we will also have a SQL admin hacks page in the future.

SQL Server Hacks Sections
* 2 Dates
* 3 Sorting, Limiting Ranking, Transposing and Pivoting
* 4 Handy tricks
* 5 Pitfalls
* 6 Query Optimization
* 7 Undocumented but handy
* 8 Usefull Admin stuff For The Developer

Below are some direct links to a couple hacks, you can also get a list of all the hacks on the wiki itself here: SQL Server Programming Hacks

Hopefully you will like the site and find some good content, if you have a question then don't hesitate to ask it in a forum.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Congrats on new website launch.
Now first thing you guys have to do - is make your search engine optimization for your website. That is - add meta description for each(!!!!) page.
Do this in google search:
You can see there indexed page description - and it is basically currently useless.

Adding description will make google like you soo much more.

After that - make links search friendly - especially phpbb forum.

After that..., o well - believe me, it never ends....

Good luck with your site! The more, the better ....