Sunday, September 06, 2015

My 3 favorite sessions at PASS Summit 2014

These were my 3 favorite sessions at the PASS Summit 2014. I attended 13 sessions and most of them, were good, some of them had a demo fail and one of them had several demos fail. So here are the 3 I liked the most, they are in order that I attended them

 [AD-400] Query Tuning Mastery: Manhandling Parallelism, 2014 Edition
Speaker:  Adam Machanic 
This was an excellent session, the content was superb and the delivery was top-notch. I was a little sad when the session ended, I wish it would continue.
You can find the demos here:

[DBA-500-HD] Inside SQL Server I/O 
Speaker(s):  Bob Ward 
What do I have to see that anyone who attended any of Bob Ward's previous sessions  at the PASS Summit, doesn't already know. you HAVE to attend his sessions, don't worry if the content might be to advanced for you. Fast paced, a lot of cool stuff shown and excellent delivery
You can find the demos here:

[DBA-305] Working with Very Large Tables Like a Pro in SQL Server 2014
Speaker:  Guy Glantser 
First session I ever attended by Guy Glantser. The delivery was perfect, the content was to the point and explained in simple steps.
You can find the demos here:

I also want to mention the following session, this is a pre-conference session so you won't be able to find the recording

Troubleshoot Customer Performance Problems Like a Microsoft Engineer 
Speaker(s):  Tim Chapman  Denzil Ribeiro 
Excellent session with a lot of good stuff, cool demos and tools were shown

Of course you might have attended a better session, but since it is impossible to attend all sessions I onlyknow about those that I attended, but you can leave me a comment telling me which ones you liked the best

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