Thursday, August 17, 2006

Architecting – SQL Server Podcast And Video

Channel 9 has an interesting video and podcast about the architecture with SQL Server
From the site: "At the heart of most web sites once you dig down below the routers, below the web servers, below the ASP.NET code you find a critical piece. The heart of the matter if you will is the database and if that heart stops... well let’s just say your website will assume room temperature quickly. The question is; what do the guys at do to insure that the heart of the system is thumpin’ and pumpin’ day in and day out 24x7 while still needing to do updates, patches, server maintenance etc.? Well never fear because we have the answer for you so listen up and learn something!"

The podcast is available in WMA and MP3 formats and runs for 27 minutes and 55 seconds
The video length is 26 minutes and 9 seconds

you can get the podcast and the video here (

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