Monday, August 07, 2006

SQL Server Book Sales Up 98% Compared To Last Year

Tim O’Reilly has posted his latest State of the Computer Book Market article. Here are 2 excerpts: “Looking at the Database rollup, we again see the strength of SQL Server, the decline of Oracle book sales, and that while MySQL is still a much larger category than Postgres, Postgres is showing some curious strength. This is one of the things that treemap visualizations are good for. Small, bright green categories stand out, and you can start paying closer attention. (Ruby also showed bright green while it was still a tiny category before its remarkable surge over the past year.) We also see the continuing popularity of personal databases like Access and Filemaker.

“A few high-level observations:
• C# book sales continues to gain on Java, with a 49% unit sales increase compared to Java's 10% decrease.
• Ruby continues its momentum, and is the fastest-growing programming language in terms of book sales.
• Microsoft's new release of SQL Server has continued to drive significant book sales, with that market up 86%. ASP.Net is also on a roll, with book sales up 61%.

Read the whole article here

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