Saturday, February 17, 2007

Podcast With SQL Maven Joe Celko

I have been waiting for sooooo long for this, I just want to hear these words by Celko himself "Rows are not records; fields are not columns; tables are not files."

You can get the podcast here, it is show number 21 and in this show Celko discusses SQL coding and multiprocessing futures

For those of you who don't know who Joe Celko is, here is a small list
Celko always answers very polite in newsgroups (yeah right)
Celko is the author of SQL for Smarties
Celko coined the term Lasagna Code
And last but not least Celko has participated on the ANSI X3H2 Database Standards Committee, and helped write the SQL-89 and SQL-92 standards


Chuck Boyce said...

Here are some videos of Adam Machanic interviewing Joe Celko at the 2006 PASS Summit that I just published today to our new Solid Quality Learning YouTube channel.

Joe Celko on the evil of cursors

Joe Celko discusses the problem with the median puzzle

Joe Celko recalls an old-school pre CASE statement trick


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the links to the YouTube videos. Since a lot of people don't read the comments I have decided to make a new post