Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stop The Press, Internet Explorer 8 Passes ACID 2 Test

Stop the press,

Internet Explorer 8 Passes ACID 2 Test
Britney Spear's sister is pregnant
Aliens seen crossing the border, these are not illegal and have green skin
Elvis spotted in Greenland
Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Released

So only 3 of these are real. Internet Explorer 8 finally passes the ACID 2 test. Of course some bonehead will say that this is because the Opera suit. Yeah right, they fixed all their stuff in one week.

Channel 9 has a video on their site with two people from the IE team.
The IE team has been very hard at work on IE 8 for the past several months and they hit a huge milestone last Friday evening. The IE dev team checked in a bunch of code that included several new features implemented in the core rendering engine that enable IE to pass the ACID 2 test! This is great news for web developers: IE 8 is going to be our most standards compliant browser to date. Passing ACID 2 is really a combined side effect of all the new features that have been developed for IE 8.

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