Monday, May 29, 2006

Chaos Isolation Level In SQL Server

The other day I posted SQL Server Teaser: Isolation Level
So either no one reads this blog or no one knew he answer, or maybe you are too shy to make a comment
Anyway the answer is Chaos and you can find it in DTS, when you right click in the DTS designer then select Package Properties and after that click on the Advanced tab.
you can select it from the Transaction Isolation dropdown (see pic)


Anonymous said...

Just if anybody wants to know:

# "Chaos" - like "Read Uncommitted," permits viewing uncommitted changes, but without holding update locks until the end of transaction. Due to its lack of support on the SQL Server platform and inability to roll back, it is rarely used.

PS: this is a manual trackback :)

Denis said...

I must admit that I have never used Chaos in any of my DTS packages
Still a niece piece of SQL Server trivia